Heroes of the Storm

Enter the Nexus with Lich King Arthas, Warchief Thrall, or Demon Hunter Valla and take on legendary villains and heroes from Warcraft, Diablo, and Starcraft in the new fast-paced online brawler Heroes of the Storm. Raise your Hero Rank with this guide to HotS builds for Warrior, Assassin, Support, and Specialist Heroes.
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Star Wars: The Old Republic

Explore a vast galaxy divided by the conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire and determine your path down the light or dark side of the Force with our guide to Star Wars: The Old Republic class builds and specs for Operations and Flashpoints, Warzones and PvP, and leveling and questing.
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World of Warcraft

Join the ranks of the Alliance or the Horde and uncover the secrets of Pandaria; an ancient kingdom veiled in mist and mystery. Master new skills and ascend to new heights with this guide to World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria class builds and specs for Raids and Heroics, Arena and Battlegrounds, and leveling and questing.
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