Assassin Heroes

Melee DPS • Ranged DPS
As lethal as they are efficient, Ranged Assassins are adept at striking at targets with spells and projectiles from afar, while Melee Assassins excel at exploiting stealth and teleportation to deal lethal strikes to enemy Heroes up close.
HotS Assassin Heroes Builds Guide

Specialist Heroes

Melee DPS • Ranged DPS • Initiator • Pusher
Harbingers of death and doom, wielding massive weaponry and commanding powerful Minions; HotS Melee and Ranged Specialists are as skilled at laying siege to Forts and Towers as they are at laying waste to enemy Heroes.
HotS Specialist Heroes Builds Guide

Support Heroes

Melee DPS • Ranged DPS • Healer • Initiator
Masters of revitalizing remedies and empowering auras, HotS Supports are proficient at recuperating health and fortifying resolve, shielding allied Heroes from harm with arcane shields and debilitating enemies with polymorphs and interrupts.
HotS Support Heroes Builds Guide

Warrior Heroes

Melee DPS • Initiator • Pusher • Tank
Barbaric brawlers and stalwart champions, HotS Warriors excel at engaging enemies and initiating team fights, mitigating damage with powerful shields and incapacitating enemy Heroes with roots and stuns or even devouring them whole.
HotS Warrior Heroes Builds Guide