A classic battle to the death without objectives.
A skirmish is taking place between Rebels and Imperials. The side that takes out more enemies will win!


Run and gun while stealing cargo from the enemy.
Rebels and Imperials are fighting over possession of cargo. Infiltrate the enemy base, steal their cargo and bring it to your own base. Meanwhile, prevent the enemy from doing the same. The side that controls the most cargo in the end will win!

Droid Run

Fast-paced action with three moving objectives.
Three droids are moving around on the planet. Rebels and Imperials must fight to claim them. The side that claims and controls all three droids will win!

Drop Zone

Fast-paced action with a single objective.
Escape pods are crashing down on the planet. Rebels and Imperials must claim them. The side that claims the most escape pods will win!

Fighter Squadron

Fly the star fighters and dogfight with the enemy.
Rebel and Imperial Star Fighters struggle for control of the skies. The side that takes out the most opponents (both Human and CPU-controlled), as well as the escaping troop transport ships, will win!

Hero Hunt

Play as a single hero and go up against a squad of enemies.
One player becomes the Hero and takes on a squad of enemies. If the hero is defeated, the next player is up. Whoever defeats the most enemies will win!

Heroes vs Villains

Round-based combat where all heroes go up against each other.
Rebel and Imperial heroes engage in combat. If a hero is defeated, the player will return as a trooper. If one side takes out all enemy heroes, they win the round. The side that takes the most rounds will win!


Frontline combat between two control points.
Rebels and Imperials are fighting over control points on the planet. By capturing the hostile control point while defending your own, the enemy will be pushed back as their next control point is revealed. The side that captures all control points will win!

Walker Assault

Battle over the massive AT-AT’s in this mobile attack & defend game.
The Empire has deployed powerful AT-AT’s in order to once and for all wipe out the Rebel resistance. To combat this powerful threat, the Rebels have hidden away multiple Uplinks that need to be defended at all cost. These Uplinks will call in Y-wings to bomb the AT-AT’s. It is only during the bombing raid that the AT-AT’s can be damaged.
If one or more AT-AT’s reach their destination, the Empire will have won. If all AT-AT’s are destroyed, the victory will belong to the Rebels.